Thursday, 02 August 2012 21:27

Adam Dalton Sees More Volunteers, Donations at Detert Park Restoration

Amador County – Adam Dalton of Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk’s reported more friendly volunteers and donors as his crew resumes work on Week 2 of the Detert Park Restoration Project.

Dalton thanked friends and family from the Jackson area for coming out and supporting the project. He said: “Working in Jackson has been a wonderful experience thus far and I’d like to recognize all of the volunteers who joined us last week; truly a job well done.” They “welcomed 15-20 new volunteers including a few hard working boy scouts and our youngest volunteer yet; a 7-year-old little girl who worked tirelessly alongside her father throughout the day. Your efforts are admirable and validate the purpose of the Amador County Park Restoration Project.

Thanks also went to Rich Escamilla and his family for providing lunch; and to Jack Mitchell for assisting with the BBQ. He also recognized Toma and Associates for coming out and lending a hand; and Richard and Keri Cooper and Bill from the Pardee Marina for volunteer efforts.

He also thanked Todd Wakely, who provided ice for cold drinks and thoughtful wives made home-baked cookies. He thanked Emerson, Dave Armstrong of Armstrong & Son and Vinciguerra Construction for volunteering trucks for hauling at Aime Field; and Rick Cabri and Brian Drake Senior.

Dalton also gave a “huge thank you” to John P. Kern of Poorman’s Bronze (Recycled Art Yard), who has been very helpful in allowing Dalton and his crew park all of the heavy equipment and store supplies in his yard.

Appreciation continued with special thanks to Dalton’s nephew, Derek for supplying meals and refreshments, and to Lealand Roaduct “for being one of the community’s first volunteers at Detert and filling our ice chests with much needed drinks for the crew.”

He also thanked Paul Molinelli of Aces Waste Services, saying the crew is “truly grateful to you for providing us with the generous offer of trash and debris removal services throughout the entire project.”

The Amador Community Foundation gave a $500 donation toward the restoration of the public restrooms near the pool. Dalton said the community’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and he and the Tribe “are pleased by the amount of support and recognition that the Detert Park renovation project has received.”

He said he was “truly honored by your generosity and proud to have grown up in such a wonderful community. We look forward to working with more of you as the project continues.

Dalton said the park restoration team is looking for cement block donations, and need 750 double open end cement blocks, called CMVs. Those interested in donating should contact Darrell at (209)256-3326.

Story by Jim Reece