Thursday, 23 August 2012 20:54

Adam Dalton releases letter of appreciation

Dear Amador County,


I’d like to start by thanking the good people of Volcano California for the wonderful appreciation dinner you hosted on Sunday night.  I was honored by the amount of effort you put into the event and truly appreciate all the kind words in regards to my family and our efforts to rebuild the parks of our county.  It was a pleasure to have assisted you in rebuilding your town, I will forever remember the great time that we had and the good friends we made along the way. 


Speaking of great friends, I somehow excluded one of Volcano’s most dedicated residents from my speech on Sunday; Mr. Richard Schuman.  Richard was one of the first contacts we made when arriving to Volcano during the projects inception. He opened the doors to the town leading the way for the people of his community and helped make the entire process that much easier to accomplish.  I’m confident that the town of Volcano will join me in thanking Richard for his committed participation; it would not have been a success without you!


With all the love we have for the wonderful town of Volcano it is difficult to move on.  The Detert Park project is proving itself to be yet another exciting opportunity to create memories and make wonderful friends.  I am currently working side by side with my good friend Louie Podesta who is erecting the new backstop and dug out fencing. I am in awe by the dedication of this man and the quality and professionalism he displays in his work.  He has committed to meeting all of Detert’s fencing needs and is in my opinion one of the best, most reliable contractors in our county.  Louie also worked by our side on our first renovation at Mollie Joyce and assisted us with the completion of our first park project. Thank you Louie Podesta for all the hard work you’ve done and for being such a devoted brother to my family with our endeavors.


I would also like to thank Bobby Lee of Giannini’s for generously providing the Detert project with continued use of the excavator.  I could not have succeeded this far without your assistance and I’m thankful for your support and friendship. In addition I’d like to recognize Wendy and Phil Bovero for their $250 donation and Jackson Tire Service for their $500 donation and the Jackson Police Department for their $500 donation.  Thank you to Lealand Ruddoch for the case of water, Tomi’s Café/Trader Stan for the fried chicken lunch and Ground works for the donated product.   Thank you to Jim Yep, Lynn Silva, Zachariah Conder, James Yepp, John Wilson and Brent Rose for your volunteer efforts. I’m humbled by the generosity of our community and thank you all again for your contributions.


This week we are placing focus on the plans to install the new tennis court.  The court will be full regulation size and able to accommodate league play.  We are also discussing the plans for a coin operated pitching machine inside the new batting cage.  We are hoping to install two of these machines depending on what the space will allow. The excitement and momentum continues to grow at Detert and Aime Field and the new park is slowly taking shape before our eyes. 


As always, any help and participation you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  The work is still far from completion but with the assistance from our dedicated volunteers it remains within reach.  Help us maintain the pace and join us in the efforts to rebuild your park.  You can now volunteer with us 7 days a week between 7am and 3pm.  We’ve made it easier for you to take part in this exciting movement, won’t you join us?


Until next week,

Adam Dalton

The Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians