Monday, 04 June 2007 02:07

Oro De Amador Property: City Looks For “Plan B” After Learning They Did Not receive Clean Up Grant

slide15Recently the City of Jackson held three workshops for the Oro de Amador property to discuss the future of acquired 155 acre historic parcel. About 40 people attended the three workshops held at varying times to accommodate different sections of the community. Input varied greatly from everything from donating the property to the Kennedy Mine Foundation to being the home of some badly needed recreation facilities. At the end of every meeting people were asked if they were interested in being an active part of the continuing process and City Manager Mike Daly indicated that the City also got a good response in that aspect as well. Although all of the plans for the property are preliminary because of the environmental clean up work that needs to be done, the community input is considered a great success.

With all the good news regarding the property, there is somewhat of a setback however, as Daly said the city has recently learned from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that they did not receive the brown field assessment grant which he said, “would have helped us push along with the assessment and development plan of remediation.” Daly said the City is continuing working with the “Department of Toxic Substances Control on their voluntary clean up agreement process,” as the City must now develop a plan B.

Well, what is Plan B? Good question, Daly said. "A review of the workshops will be presented at the June 11th City Council meeting.  The Council will be discussing the formation of a new committee to examine the use of the property in greater detail."  In the meantime, staff will be meeting with DTSC to review the current soils information available for the property and discuss how much additional information and possible remediation may be required for partial to full use of the property.