Richard Forster and Monique Graziadei open Amador Live with lining up their guests for the show.
Arlo "Chip" Lusby talks to Richard about Skunk Hallow's over the Edge event. Call 209-268-8193 for more information.
Frank Cunha, from Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation, talks to Richard and Monique about the Foundation and South Main Park and Gold Mining Display.
Tom Slivick and Richard Forster discuss the Newman Reed Project protest happening in Amador County.
Monique Graziadei and Richard Forster talk about Dr. Oz and food labeling on TSPN TV.
Robyn Ormsby talks to Richard about the 5th annual Walk for the Troops on April 25, 2015 at 11AM.
Toni Fancher talks to Monique about Sober Grad 2015.
Monique and Richard close out Amador Live with their guests.
Tom and Aimee share events happening around Amador County and preview today's AM Live show.
Tom and Aimee share what's going on in Amador County on today's Roam Segment.