Athena May stops by the AM Live set to show off just a few of the items that will be available at the upcoming Holiday Hoopla event.
{/youtube}PPSWudp2LIc{/youtube} Kam Merzlak speaks with Dr. Hartmann about the danger of chipmunk plague in the Tahoe area of the high country.  
Richard Forster and Heather Murdock speak with some members of the Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire.
Richard Forster speaks with Carla Gianandrea about the Interfaith Food Bank's upcoming Empty Bowls Fundraiser.
Heather Murdock speaks with Linda Meadows from the Creeky Cupboard about the upcoming Ladies Night in Sutter Creek.
Heather Murdock speaks with Don, Dawn, and Sarah Parker from DODASA Ranch about some of the fun activities that will be taking place at their pumpkin patch this year.
John Motto-Ross stops by the AM Live set to discuss the upcoming Sutter Creek Organ Rally.
Terry Grillo Ellie Routt speak with AM Live host Susan Miller about the upcoming Jazz & Swing Dance 'Hollar No. 2' Benefit.
AM Live host Kam Merzlak speaks with Janet Marsh and Jessica Zellers from Operation Care about what the organization is doing in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Local dentist Dr. Ask stops by the AM Live set to discuss the dangers of endulging your sweet tooth too much.