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slide12District Attorney Todd Riebe has filed 8 felony charges against Stephen Kent Schumann, 66, of Jackson for the Thursday May 3rd incident in which Schumann threatened to kill his family- and threatened Amador County Sheriff’s Deputies by brandishing a firearm.

slide16Accidents on Amador County Roadways picked up there numbers this weekend after last weekend’s relative calm.Early Saturday morning at approximately 3:05am an unidentified 24 year old male from Rancho Cordova was driving southbound in a 2000 Volkswagen on New York Ranch Road and may have been in some sort of speed contest with another vehicle identified only as a red sedan, according to investigating Officer Craig Zaragoza’s report. The report indicates that the red sedan with an unknown driver started to tail gait the Volkswagen and then passed the vehicle possibly striking its left rear, causing the Rancho Cordova driver to loose control of the vehicle.

slide8On the Sutter Creek City Council’s agenda Monday was the Amador County Recreation Agency’s request for an increase in their member contributions. ACRA Executive Director Tracey Towner-Yep was present and explained that ACRA has been a very viable organization over the past few years putting on such events as summer camps, Shakespeare in the park, park upgrades at Bryson Park, etc. ACRA is quickly growing into a full fledged agency, and in turn asked Sutter Creek to incorporate a $5 per person membership fee for the next 3 years. In 2006-07 Sutter Creek contributed $9,025 and if they approve the request their contribution would be $14,720 for the next 3 years.

slide21When Terry Mc Cormack Jr. of Orangevale arrived at Jackson Rancheria Casino on Friday night, May 4, he went directly to his favorite quarter Wheel of Fortune® slot machines. “There were only two open Wheel of Fortune® slot machines in the entire casino,” said the 21-year-old. “It’s the best and I had to play it. It’s my favorite.” His preferred machine paid off early Saturday morning when Terry hit the MegaJackpot® for $201,245.78. “All the wheels just lined up,” he said. “I can’t believe I won!” He didn’t hesitate when asked what he will do with his winnings. He’ll use some of his newfound riches to help pay for his upcoming wedding.

“We’re always pleased to add new winners to Jackson Rancheria Casino’s long list of MegaJackpot® winners,” said Terry Cox, Vice President of Marketing for the Casino. “And it’s extra special to be able to help a young man with his wedding plans.” Jackson Rancheria Casino has had more MegaJackpot® winners than any other casino in Northern California and has paid out over $18 million through these popular machines.  Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel is located at 12222 New York Ranch Road, Jackson, CA 95642. For more information, call 800-822-WINN or visit

slide16Yesterday, with a heated discussion, the Board of Supervisors considered their membership and funding of the Amador County Chamber of Commerce. The agenda item was prompted, according to Supervisor Forster because “this is the third time that the Chamber has taken an action that is contrary to the board’s position on the validity of (the) Buena Vista (Tribe’s) efforts to build a casino.” Forster elaborated on the situation later by saying, “One was the vendor fair held by the tribe that (Executive Director) Jacqueline Lucido helped to organize and sponsor even though she claimed to have not.” He said Lucido, on the contrary, was very public and seen in pictures as being a part of the function.
slide4Yesterday’s Oro De Amador Planning session was a success states Amador County Recreation Agency Executive Director Tracey Towner Yep. The meeting, a second in a series of three, was attended by about 18 residents, an improvement from the last session, but according to Yep- she would still like to see 25 or more interested citizen at the next final session scheduled for this Saturday, the 12th at 1 pm. The group that meet at the Jackson Civic Center this week was a diverse group with many different interests, and according to Yep, some great ideas.
slide2Last night the Jackson Planning Commission held a special meeting to make their recommendations to the City Council concerning the Jackson Hills Residential Community. The projects developer, New Faze Development is proposing 540 homes, an eighteen hole golf course, clubhouse, restaurant and maintenance facilities, recreation community center and spa, a 3 acre park and all the necessary roadway and infrastructure improvements associated with, and supporting, site development. Jackson and other County residents have mixed feelings about the project. Some state that there are major impacts that outweigh the benefits of the project. Impacts such as: traffic, sewer, effects on neighboring range land, and impacts local Police and Fire services.

slide9Last night’s Planning Commission meeting is not the only hot meeting to appear on the City’s calendar this week as today the second Oro de Amador Workshop will be held. Since the recent acquisition of the 155 acre Oro de Amador parcel the City of Jackson has decided to get a jump start on the planning process for the property and is inviting the public to participate in the process and share their visions of how the property can be utilized.

The workshops are open to any interested person and are all formatted the same way and held at different times to try to meet the needs of the different cross sections of the community.The first workshop was held on April 26th and had meager attendance. The City and Community is hoping that the next two workshops will be full of interested and eager citizens to help plan the future of the beautiful and unique piece of property. The workshops are held at the Jackson Civic Center and today the meeting begins at 11:30am. The last workshop will be held Saturday May 12th at 1pm. If you have any questions contact the City of Jackson at 223-1646.

slide12Governor Schwarzenegger released a statement regarding our local hero Private First Class Jay-D H. Ornsby-Adkins. “This brave soldier lost his life in the virtuous pursuit of preserving the freedoms our nation holds sacred. Private First Class Jay-D H. Ornsby-Adkins will be remembered for his selfless sacrifice for his fellow Americans. Maria and I offer our prayers for his family, friends and fellow soldiers.” Also in honor of Private First Clas Ornsby-Adkins, Capital flags will be flown at half staff.
slide14The General Plan Advisory Committee has been looking into how the General Plan for the future of the county will impact the county’s economy. The group’s “Working Paper” on the subject of the local economy takes a look at some of the available data concerning the economic conditions here in the County. The analysis focuses on trends in employment, labor force characteristics, average wages, population, educational attainment, and other economic factors to provide background information that will assist the County in addressing these issues through the General Plan Update.