Tuesday, 22 May 2007 00:48

DA Riebe Charges Pine Grove Man Arrested For Child Abuse- No Change In Child’s Condition

slide2District attorney Todd Riebe is wasting no time in filing charges against the 45 year old Pine Grove man accused of critically injuring his girlfriend’s 19 month old baby. Andrew Neil Farkas admitted to investigators that on Wednesday May 16, 2007 between 8:00 and 8:30 pm hours that his girlfriend’s child was crying and banging a "sippy cup" against the wall. Farkas said the child would not stop and that he picked the child up by the waist, shook him and then slammed his head into the wall. 

The baby was unresponsive when Farkas checked him, about 8 hours after the incident, but breathing, and Farkas reported that at that time, he realized that the baby was unresponsive and took him to SAH under the guise that the child had fallen out of the crib. Upon further questioning and an examination of the child’s injuries, which were not consistent with a child falling from a crib, Farkas’ story changed and the truth of the matter was revealed. Farkas is now facing several felony counts for the alleged Child Abuse.

slide6Count one is inflicting Corporal Injury to a child. According to the complaint Farkas “did willfully and unlawfully inflict cruel and inhuman corporal punishment and injury, resulting in a traumatic condition, upon a child. Farkas is also being charged with two special allegations; the first being that the Child was under 5 years old and the second a special allegation of Great Bodily Injury or Torture. This second allegation would make Farkas ineligible for probation should he be convicted.  Count II filed by the DA’s office is a Felony Child Abuse charge. The DA’s complaint states Farkas allegedly “did willfully and unlawfully, under circumstances likely to produce great bodily harm and death, injure, cause and permit a child aged 18 months,… to suffer and be inflicted with unjustifiable physical pain and mental suffering, and, having the care and custody of said child, injure, cause, and permit the person and health of said child to be injured and did willfully cause and permit the child to be placed in such situation that his person and health was endangered.” This count also included the same special allegations included in Count 1.

If convicted on all counts, Farkas faces a maximum exposure in state prison of 12 years.  According to DA Riebe, “(Farkas) is also presumptively ineligible for probation given the nature of the charges.”  Farkas will appear in Amador Superior Court on Friday May 25th at 1pm with his lawyer for a Bail Review Hearing. --The child underwent surgery at UCDMC and is currently listed in critical condition.