Laurie Webb and the rest of the Today's Seniors Living Well cast thank Supervisor Brian Oneto for helping to make this season of the show happen.  
Debbie Shally from the Area 12 Agency on Aging stops talks with Laurie Webb about some of the changes that have been made to Medicare enrollment.
Laurie Webb discusses some of the thing that seniors need to look out for when dealing with dental health.
Robin Valencia discusses some of the ways that Amador County Transportation can help seniors make their way around Amador County.  
Local attorney Gwen Christeson stops by the Today's Seniors, Living Well! set to discuss a few of the way that you can make your estate planning easier for both yourself and your family.  
Laurie Webb talks with local insurance agent Anne Lintz about some insurance scams that seniors should watch out for.  
Regina Showengerdt stops by the Today's Seniors,Living Well! set to discuss just a few of the various services that are offered by Daneri's Mortuary.  
Today's Seniors, Living Well! host Laurie Webb speaks with Dan Riordan about his experiences working with Hospice.