Anthony and Harmony share their faith through their marriage and their work. 
Bob and Bonnie Lloyd share how they serve the Lord through volunteerism in disaster relief. 
Heather Interviews Linda Lange with Life Application Ministries about love, forgiveness, and truth. 
Heather talks with marriage and family therapist, Rennie Simpson, about how to have "PeaceFull" lives despite our circumstances.
Heather talks with Larry Ballew, El Dorado Adventist School Principle, about his personal journey of faith, as well as his calling to lead a Christian school
Heather talks with Christian recording artist Bradley Clark about the issues of depression, relapse, and recovery.
Heather talks with Carl Dulinsky, author, Speaker, and co-director of Crosswalk Ministry, about pulling the greatness out of people through discipleship.
Heather talks with marketing expert Bob Mees about how to market your Christian Ministry using social media. Heather also talks with Austin Ford about the freedom that comes from surrendering to your higher power.
Heather and Shasta Garcia talk about what it means to die to self and live for Christ on TSPN TV. 
Heather Murdock talks with Pastor Tom Widland about his faith walk and his passion for community.