Join Mike Spence as he visits "Shmily Acres Ranch" and owners Mark & Pam Hirschel, as He finds out about White Bactrian Camels, On Amador This Week, TSPN TV. For more information about Shmily Ranch you can visit their website by clicking here.
This week In the Our Sports Show Timeslot is "The Ione Christmas Parade". This Special ATW's Out and About Takes you behind the scenes parade coverage. Meet the People in the Parade, then watch as the entire Parade unfolds in Historic Downtown Ione. After the Christmas Parade meet parents and kids as they wait in line to get there photos with Santa.
Join TSPN's Tom Slivick as he takes a look at the 2012 Ione Christmas Parade in this episode of Amador This Week.
Join TSPN's Mike Spense as he takes a look at the Sutter Amador Hospital Diabetes Fair in this week's episode of Amador This Week.
TSPN TV Amador This Weeks Out and About Presents HJBA's Christmas Delights in Historic Downtown Jackson
ATW Camp Out for Cancer
Mike Spence hosts Amador This Week's Out & About on TSPN TV 2012
Motorhead Kam Merzlak hosts  "Andy's  Birthday" Car Showon ATW's Out & About this is one of the most prestigious car shows named after a Icon of the Hot Rod World meet 'Andy" here on TSPN's Out & About TSPN TV 2012 
 Friday at the Amador County Fair with Susan Miller  on  ATW's  Out & About  TSPN TV 2012  
 The Jr. Livestock Auction & Sunday at the Amador County Fair on  ATW's  Out & About  TSPN TV  2012