CHARACTER – Host Roberta Pickett interviews local guests Gwen Christeson and Jane Wilkinson to talk about whether character counts anymore. Indeed it does!
  MAY ’14 Our children, our future: Everyone can agree that our children represent our future. Join host Roberta Pickett with guests Ruthella Turner, Naomi Grimes, and John Stettler as they discuss some programs that ensure kids have opportunities.
APR ’14 Join host Roberta Pickett with guests Larry Fossen, Carol Davis, and Tom Thompson tackling the life-impacting topic of attitude .
  MAR ’14 Community and legacy are powerful motivators as well as the leadership characteristics of guests Rich Hoffman and Pat Crew, with host Roberta Pickett.
  FEB ’14 Join host Roberta Pickett with her guests Jackie Harrison and Martha Perez as they share their emotional stories about surviv ing and thriving after loss.
  JAN ’14 Host Roberta Pickett welcomes guest Wendy Ward to discuss Wendy’s work as an artist and what she calls intentional creativity to heal our souls.
 NOV ’13 Welcome to the premier show for Insights on Leadership and Life with host Roberta Pickett as she shares her perspective on leadership, legacy, vision, and choice.
DEC ’13 Join host Roberta Pickett with guests Bonnie Kuhn, Ken Buback, and Mark Borchin discussing why leadership is important,  their  lessons learned, and how to balance work and home life