Monday, 05 May 2008 02:21

Bold Step Towards Reducing Traffic Accidents

slide10.pngCaltrans, the California Highway Patrol, and California State Association of Counties Thursday announced a bold set of 152 actions designed to reduce serious injuries and fatalities 10 percent on California’s roadways by 2010. Actions were created with goals geared toward reducing head-on collisions and run-off-the-road crashes, improving safety at intersections and interchanges, and enhancing safety for pedestrians and bicycles. Local Caltrans representatives and California Highway Patrol members were among 300 safety stakeholders from 80 different organizations attending yesterday’s SHSP safety summit in Anaheim. In addition to the four lead agencies, stakeholders from cities, counties, state agencies, private sector businesses, and grass-roots organizations attended.  Another summit will be held in Sacramento on May 7, 2008.