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Wednesday, 20 December 2006 09:44

DA Riebe Hammering Down On Drunk Driving: Amador County Leads State Conviction Numbers

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slide28Amador County District Attorney Todd Riebe is teaming up with District Attorney’s from our neighboring counties and the California District Attorney’s Association, or CDAA, to unveil a statewide prosecutor’s campaign to combat the rising numbers of arrests and accidents from driving under the influence of alcohol. “Make it Home or The Holidays” is the theme of the campaign to be launched by the CDAA. This marks the nation’s first coordinated effort by the prosecutors association to focus attention on driving under the influence.

The campaign is being spurred on by statistic that shoe DUI arrests and accidents are once again increasing in California while decreasing in other states. In 2005 alone there were 1719 alcohol related fatalities in CA, approaching the number of homicides in the state, according to CDAA Executive Director David LaBahn. CDAA will receive a 3.4 million dollar grant from the federal Office of Traffic Safety to assist prosecutors throughout the state in prosecuting DUI cases.

slide29DMV statistics show that Amador County had the highest DUI conviction rate in the state of California. However, despite the best efforts of local law enforcement and prosecutors, through November 2006 Amador County has experienced a 69 percent increase in the number of criminal DUI filings, with the Holiday season yet to go. Another disturbing trend here in Amador County is the number of juvenile DUI’s.

slide33According to DA Todd Riebe “You have to do the math-more drunk drivers on the road equals more DUI-related accidents and fatalities,” Riebe continued “As guardians of public safety, we simply cannot tolerate increases like this. Drunk driving is a crime that has unleashed untold havoc and pain upon our families and our community. As a prosecutor, I am determined to get drunk driving numbers down in Amador County by working with my colleagues throughout the state to reverse this trend and bring more of our loved ones home safely for the holidays”

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