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Friday, 15 August 2008 02:18

California Transportation Commission Partly to Blame For Bypass Decision

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slide6.pngAs we reported earlier this week, the Upcountry Community Council, or UCC, and the Pine Grove Council are charging that Amador County residents east of Tabeaud Road were not fairly represented in the decision to scrap the Pine Grove Bypass project. The two groups are requesting a “more democratic and equitable representation” when deciding what to do with the “millions of local road dollars” slotted for our county each year. Supervisor Boitano explained that even if the ACTC had an Upcountry member, the outcome may have still been the same. According to Boitano, California Transportation Commission Staff advised the ACTC to come back with a “more realistic approach” than the $20 million dollar bypass, as “there’s not enough money for everything we want to do in Amador County.” Even though he may not completely agree with the UCC’s complaints, Boitano had this issue added to the next ACTC meeting agenda. Both Upcountry groups are asking any and all Upcountry citizens to be at that meeting. UCC member Debbie Dunn says, “There’s always strength in numbers.” That meeting will be held August 20th at 6 PM at 810 Court Street in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.
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