Friday, 21 August 2009 00:54

Ione Hearing Raises Complaint of Violations At Jose's Apartments

slide2.pngIone – A public hearing Tuesday brought a complaint of a possible code violation at Joses’ Place Apartments in Ione. The Ione City Council approved a resolution for a project to seek funding for refurbishment of inside of the facility, with a sale of $3 million in bonds, despite the complaint, but staff will look into whether Joses’ violated housing code. A neighbor of the apartment complex, Larry Rhodes, said he thought the project was supposed to put up a stop sign when the remodel was approved. He also thought it had a 30-year requirement to be housing for only senior citizens and people with disabilities. City Manager Kim Kerr said Joses’ was approved for the refurbishment funding last year, but had not been able to issue the multi-family housing revenue bonds, for $3 million, “because the market would not allow it.” Kerr said the improvements are strictly on the building’s interior. Rhodes said there has been drug use at the complex, and a “drug-related stabbing death.” City Attorney Kristen Castanos said City Planner Christopher Jordan left the city hall chambers to pull the project file of the Joses’ complex and look through it, as the council, staff and public discussed the issue. Jordan would see if there were any violations of the conditions of approval, which “could influence your decision on this.” Mayor Lee Ard said he knows 3 or 4 people who live at Josie’s and “aren’t very happy with the conditions.” Gary Thomas, in public comment, said the bond issuance, for acquisition and rehabilitation of Joses’, was at last year’s values, which he thought may have “slid down in today’s market.” He said he hopes “we are not giving them a blank check,” and the council will see what work they will be doing. Kerr said a book on file at City Hall shows the intended work plans. The work “has to meet building code when they make improvements.” Jordan said housing requirements from the 1985 conditions of approval “were not crystal clear,” and in one area, it said eligible tenants must be handicapped and elderly, with very low, to low income. But elsewhere, it seemed to allow very low, and low income people who were not elderly or handicapped. Castanos said since the city has “received a complaint about a code violation, now staff can pursue that independently.” Kerr said in the meantime, the council could approve a resolution for the project to go out and pursue funding. The council passed the resolution, 4-0. Story by Jim Reece This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.