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Tuesday, 19 February 2008 12:53

Accident Reported in Ione

slide11.pngCHP reports indicate a t-bone collision occurred between two trucks in Ione last Thursday. The occupant of a 1998 Ford traveling northbound on the SR-104 in Ione entered the intersection of 88/104 directly in the path of an oncoming 1991 Chevy. The driver of the Chevy applied his brakes and attempted to avoid the other vehicle, but a collision occurred in the middle of the intersection. Neither occupant was reported as being injured.

Thursday, 14 February 2008 05:28

Former Amador County Convict Arrested

slide14.pngA former Amador County convict was arrested this week in San Luis Obispo. Prosecutors filed murder charges Wednesday against Freddie Joe Lewis, 54, who was sentenced in 1994 in Amador County to six years in prison for committing a lewd act on a child. He is accused of killing 59-year-old Sharon Ostman who was found beaten three years ago in a downtown creek in San Luis Obispo. Lewis was charged with murder, sexual penetration with a foreign object and being a habitual sex offender, according to the city’s Chief Deputy District Attorney. 
Friday, 18 January 2008 01:28

New Pump and Tanker for Jackson Fire Dept.

At the Jackson City Council Meeting Monday, the council approved a request for 2 new fire department vehicles: a Quick Attack Mini-Pumper and a 2,000 Gallon Tanker. Fire Chief Mark Morton told the Council that, after carefully assessing the needs at the fire department, these two pieces of equipment would serve the community best. These two new vehicles would also be replacing one of the older engines, allowing the fire station to sell the older engine to bring back some additional funding. The Water/Sewer Rate Study Committee, the Oro de Amador Committee, and the Economic Development Committees were each ratified by the Council. The four city council members present tabled making City Council Assignments since newly appointed Councilmember Wayne Garibaldi wasn’t present at the meeting Monday evening, and the council felt that he should be present when committee and agency seats are assigned.

Thursday, 13 December 2007 12:38

Accident Last Night Results in Arrest

Just after midnight last night, a Placerville man was driving north on Hwy 49 south of Bell Road when he entered a 35-mile an hour curve at an excessive speed, left the roadway and struck and embankment. According to the CHP, her received minor injuries and was taken to Mercy San Juan hospital for treatment. On Tuesday afternoon, a 50-year old River Pines woman, driving under the influence of alcohol, ran off Shenandoah Road and collided with an embankment at about 45 miles per hour. Cynthia Sedano was not injured, but she was arrested by CHP officers for DUI.


Friday, 07 December 2007 00:32

Seasonal Road Hazards - Look Out!

It’s once again fog and rain season, and with that comes the need to drive cautiously, says the CHP. Two local motorists would probably agree. According to a CHP report, a Citrus Heights man collided with a wire fence post on Latrobe Road this past Tuesday after losing control due to a wet road conditions. And a Pioneer man rear-ended the truck of an Elk Grove driver on Ridge Road at the Old Ridge Road intersection when thick fog didn’t allow visibility of the stopped vehicle. Be careful with the change in weather and don’t become an accident statistic.
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 01:03

Two Arrested in ACCNET Bust

slide11slide12 Two men were arrested Wednesday at the scene of indoor marijuana growing operation. According to the Amador County Combined Narcotics Enforcement Team, ACCNET officers, assisted by the Amador County Sheriff's Office, searched a residence at 25695 Buckeye Road in Pioneer. Agents located an indoor marijuana cultivation operation with approximately one hundred twenty two cannabis plants in various stages of cultivation.  Investigators also found about one pound of concentrated marijuana, one half gallon of suspected THC oil, a THC extraction processing area, two firearms, scales and other drug paraphernalia. ACCNET Agents arrested Edward Eugene Meeker Sr., 52, of Pioneer and Chad Everett Cleo Meeker, 28, of San Andreas at the scene.  Both were charged with cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis for sale, manufacture of a controlled substance and being armed in the commission of a felony.  Edward was additionally charged with being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. 

slide16.pngThe Amador District Attorney, Todd Riebe, announced on Wednesday that Amador County law enforcement is “cracking down on truancy.” The joint effort is with the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, School Attendance Review Board, or SARB, and the Probation Department. According to Superintendent Dick Glock, Amador’s school attendance rate of 92.2% is below the state’s average of 93.2%, which ultimately lowers Average Daily Attendance, or ADA, rates received from the state. “We want the kids to be at school as much as possible,” says Glock. This week, charges were brought against four parents for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor offense. Combined, the children of these parents missed 279 days last school year while ignoring repeated attempts by the school district and SARB to have their children attend school. Conviction on this charge has a maximum penalty of five years of probation, up to one year in county jail, and up to a 2,500 dollar fine.
Friday, 29 February 2008 01:00

Mokelumne Hill Man Arrested for DUI

CHP reports indicate an accidents last Wednesday resulting in an arrest. David Norwood, 46, of Mokelumne Hill, was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated. Norwood failed to anticipate a vehicle stopped at the intersection of  Highway 49 and Main Street and collided with it’s rear end. The collision was forceful enough to propel the rear-ended car into the intersection, where another oncoming car collided with its front end. The drivers of the two vehicles that collided as a result of Norwood’s bump reported moderate injuries. 

Thursday, 21 February 2008 08:05

Amador County Sheriff's Release Statement


The Amador County Deputy Sheriff’s Association released a statement yesterday applauding the County’s ongoing efforts to fight additional gaming in AmadorCounty, but warned that a rejection of the Intergovernmental Services Agreement would mean “further financial uncertainty”. “We trust the…Board of Supervisors will make the decision that provides the citizens of Amador County with the revenue and resources to maintain OUR community’s quality of life and commitment to public safety,” wrote Deputy Garth Hohn, who signed the letter on behalf of the Sheriff’s Association.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008 12:55

Vehicle Accident Next to Day Care Center

TSPN has received reports of a vehicle accident occurring at a day care center in Ione. According to our sources, an elderly woman lost control of her car while using a nearby carwash, reportedly because her ignition was stuck. Terri Murrill, a witness at the scene, said the vehicle exited the car wash and crshed into a parked van which in turn collided with a telephone pole. The woman was patially thrown into the back seat. The car kept moving and collided with a parked car next to a day care center. Officials have reported no injuries so far.