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Friday, 07 December 2007 00:32

Seasonal Road Hazards - Look Out!

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It’s once again fog and rain season, and with that comes the need to drive cautiously, says the CHP. Two local motorists would probably agree. According to a CHP report, a Citrus Heights man collided with a wire fence post on Latrobe Road this past Tuesday after losing control due to a wet road conditions. And a Pioneer man rear-ended the truck of an Elk Grove driver on Ridge Road at the Old Ridge Road intersection when thick fog didn’t allow visibility of the stopped vehicle. Be careful with the change in weather and don’t become an accident statistic.
This time of year, we’re seeing lots of deer close to county roads, probably looking for food. This means extra caution needs to be exhibited driving. According to the California Highway Patrol, two deer-related accidents occurred this past Tuesday -- One on Ridge Road east of Surrey Junction Lane, and another on Highway 88 west of Alaire Lane. In both cases, the deer was struck. Minor bodily injury and property damaged occurred. Drive cautiously, deer are quick and collisions with them are potentially very dangerous.
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