Friday, 04 September 2015 16:51

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp - Amador Upcountry Rotary Club Visit

The Amador Upcountry Rotary Club visited the Grove to present the Rotary 2015 Scholarship to Youth Alexander Morrow.  Unfortunately, Mr. Morrow could not attend as his crew is assigned to the fires burning in Trinity County.  Mr. Kelly Wolin, President of the Amador Upcountry Rotary Club, spoke briefly about the scholarship.  He commended Mr. Morrow’s application letter and stated the importance of Education, and how it can help a person become a positive and respected member of their community.


Accepting the scholarship for Alex were Senior Dave Ehrhardt and Judy Levenson (College Coordinator). Mr. Bob Chrisman, Chairman of the Amador Upcountry Rotary Club Scholarship Committee, presented a framed award letter and a check to Judy Levenson.  She told the attendees that Alex had stated that he plans on using the money to purchase his first computer.


Following the presentation, Senior Ehrhardt and Judy Levenson were asked to speak about Alex’s time in Camp.  They talked about how hard Mr. Morrow had worked in High School, on his College application, and in his position as the Number one man on Wildland Fire Fighting Crew. Alex is dedicated, determined, and committed to succeeding in life. Alex is scheduled to be released this month and he will start his College Classes begin the next day.