Friday, 30 March 2012 06:43

Amador County News TSPN TV with Tom Slivick 3-30-12

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Amador County News, TSPN TV News Video, 3-30-12

·       Supervisors drafted an ordinance to allow a public service banner, and another two banners exempted by economic hard times.

·       A Volcano man was hospitalized Sunday after suffering a severe beating by group reportedly seeking to steal his prescription drugs.

·       Amador Supervisors OK’d a letter to U.S. Legislators opposing proposed federal child labor rule change that could affect family farms.

·       Amador Council of Tourism helps Sacramento Wheelmen plan for June 16 Sierra Century bicycle ride in Amador County

·       Second installment of secured property taxes is due Feb. 1, and will become delinquent April 10.