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Amador County News TSPN TV with Tom Slivick 4-13-12

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Amador County News, TSPN TV News Video, 4-13-12

·     Livermore man hit a $1 million jackpot at the Jackson Rancheria Casino.

·     ACTC approved a $1.3 million contract with Dokken Engineering to start design and environmental work on the Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project.

·     AWA introduced an ordinance that will help establish a voluntary Community Facilities District in the Amador Water System.

·     Kennedy Mine Save the Wheel Campaign picks new logo.

·     A man reportedly was stabbed in the head in Pine Grove last week, then shot his assailant with a shotgun as he tried to flee.

·     Local organizations sponsor a parent and student workshop on ‘Bully-Proofing Made Easy’