Thursday, 25 October 2012 21:45

TSPN TV News Headlines 10-25-12

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Here are today's new stories:

The Amador County Combined Narcotics Enforcement Team (ACCNET) on October 13, 2012 located an advertisement on the website,, in the "Gold Country" location.  The advertisement title read, "norcos- $4 (Jackson)".  In the body of the advertisement a subject referring to himself as "Chris" stated he had 10mg NORCO tablets for sale for $4.00 each.  The subject also listed a cellular telephone number for contact. Norco is a narcotic pain reliever and is a schedule two controlled substance.  ACCNET Agents conducted some preliminary investigation and identified the possible suspect as Don Lewis Paiva, 46, of Pioneer. On October 16, ACCNET Agents posing as would be buyers, contacted "Chris", and asked to purchase $70.00 worth of Norco.  "Chris", agreed to meet at a business in the Martell area and offered to sell 25 Norco for $70.00. Upon the arrival of "Chris" and after he made affirmative efforts towards the completion of the transaction, "Chris" was approached by ACCNET Agents.  "Chris" made a futile effort to avoid being detained by attempting to force his way past an ACCNET Agent.  "Chris" was detained without further incident and was positively identified as Paiva. A search of Paiva was conducted.  In his possession was $455.22 in cash, and a bottle found to contain 111 Methadone Hydrochloride tablets for which he did not have a prescription.  In Paiva's vehicle, a prescription bottle containing 120 10mg Norco tablets was located.  The prescription for the Norco was in the name of Paiva's mother.  Paiva admitted to taking his mother's medication and attempting to sell it to the ACCNET Agent.  Paiva was booked into the Amador County Jail charged with transportation, sales and possession for sales of a narcotic controlled substance, as well as elder abuse.  Paiva's bail is set at $150,000.00. Story from press release, edited by Tom Slivick, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Gary Thomas, President of the Amador Water Agency has received a letter of support from The Amador Fire Protection District.  The letter states that, A prominent topic of discussion and controversy for many months has been the need to replace the  Central Amador Water Project's  current raw water transition system that pumps water from the Tiger Creek Afterbay uphill to the Buckhorn Water Treatment Plant. This discussion has revolved around two options to accomplish the delivery of water to the treatment plant: One, Upgrade and Continue the Current Pumping System  Repair and upgrade the existing System with new pumps, new pipe, and related infrastructure, from the Tiger Creek  pumping station to the Buckhorn treatment facility, and provide gas powered generators for the electric pumps in the event of a power outage. Or a Gravity Supply Line -- install a pipeline to provide a gravity fed supply of raw water from the PG&E  Regulator Reservoir which is located at a higher elevation than the Buckhorn Treatment Facility. Looking at the effects on and benefits to fire protection services, from the two options being considered, the construction of a gravity supply line would enhance our firefighting efforts to control and extinguish a fire. The proposed gravity supply line will: 1. Provide a reliable source of water which is not dependant on electricity for delivery.  An electrical power outage commonly occurs during a wildfire when there is the greatest demand on water resources to suppress the fire and protect homes and other infrastructure. 2. Make available a much larger reserve storage of water for fighting fires in the event of a power failure. 3. Provide a source of water from the proposed fire hydrants on the supply line which will deliver many more gallons per minute than is available from the fire hydrants in the current distribution system. Therefore, the Amador Fire Protection District Board of Directors support the Amador Water Agency's proposal to construct the gravity supply line. The Letter is from the Amador Fire Protiction District Dated, Oct 12 stamped recieved Oct. 16, 2012, signed by Louis Boitano President and Jim McCart, Fire Chief. Story from press release, edited by Tom Slivick, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

El Dorado County Joins Fire Fee Lawsuit, The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) class action lawsuit seeking to overturn the state fire fee. Hundreds of residents have contacted the county to voice their frustration about the fire tax," said Supervisor John Knight. "The Board of Supervisors can't sit idly by while the state is running a legalized extortion scheme on rural residents." It is expected that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association complaint against the fire fee will be amended in the coming weeks to add additional plaintiffs, including El Dorado County. Story from press release, edited by Tom Slivick, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.