Wednesday, 25 July 2007 01:48

Pot Plant Busts Around The Area Continue

Last Thursday and Friday Tuolumne County Officials announced two large marijuana grow busts, one near Moccasin and one near Columbia. Combined Tuolumne County officials eradicated nearly 25000 plants worth about 15 million dollars. In Calaveras County, Sheriff’s officials announced yesterday that they too had been busy during this grow season.

Officials announced that on  07-13-07 the Calaveras County Narcotics Enforcement Unit eradicated over 12,000 marijuana plants from the Esperanza Creek area near Jesus Maria Road. The plants are believed to be linked to a drug trafficking organization, as shotgun ammunition was found in the area. At least one person was believed to have been living outdoors with the marijuana plants, and the plants appeared to be tended to and watered daily. On 07-19-07 a second Marijuana garden was eradicated from the Gwen Mine Road area, between the community of Mokelumne Hill and Paloma. Over 7000 plants were located there and destroyed. The investigation has revealed that the plants were likely being grown by a large drug trafficking organization, and at least one Hispanic male adult was seen running from the area during the investigation. No arrests have been made in connection with the marijuana, however, the investigation is continuing. Each of the 19,000 plants is estimated to have been worth about $3,000 per plant, with a combined total street value of over 57 Million dollars. Both marijuana gardens were located during routine fly overs which were conducted by members of the Sheriff's Department. The Calaveras County Sheriff's Department Narcotic Enforcement has seized and destroyed over 21,000 marijuana plants since June of 2007.