Thursday, 02 August 2007 09:19

Knight Foundry Project Gets "Hopeful News"

slide5“A hopeful step forward” for the Knight Foundry in Sutter Creek according to Project Director Andy Fahrenwald. The California Cultural and Historical Endowment has just announced the finalists in the Round 3 Grant Cycle for Proposition 40 funding and Sutter Creek historic project has made the list. 
Fahrenwald explains how the process to get this far worked. “In order to gain admission to these ranks an applicant needs a score of 70 in the application section evaluation and to rank among the top 25% of the applicants in the Division. Division 4, Public Agencies, had 60 applicants.” The Knight Foundry’s application for $1,074,000 in matching funding - submitted by the City of Sutter Creek, which was crafted by the Knight Foundry Corporation and supported by the work of the Knight Foundry Fundraising and Capital Campaign Committee - is among the finalists with a score of 82.0! The last phase of the selection process comes on Aug 22 & 23 when the CCHE board meets to allocate funds. “There will be a great winnowing out at that meeting.” says Fahrenwald. The applicants in past rounds have had the opportunity to make a five minute presentation in support of their project and then answer questions from the board. Fahrenwald says that there are a few things to do between now and the CCHE board meeting to strengthen the local resource’s position, with securing solid additional matching resources chief among them.” But he says “ It is a hopeful step forward”