Wednesday, 08 August 2007 01:56

Sherriff Investigation Announces Stalking Investigation Underway: Suspect At Large

On Monday August 6, 2007 at approximately 5:18 am, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office received the report of a subject trespassing at a property in the 18000 block of Latrobe Road, Plymouth  

Plymouth   It was reported that the suspect was a 22 year old Hispanic male known to the family.  The family reported that there was an un-served restraining order against the suspect, restraining him from the family and the property, due to an inappropriate relationship he is accused of having with their minor daughter.  The family reported that the suspect was confronted and told to leave the property.  The suspect refused and told them he was there for their daughter.  When the family called 911, the suspect fled on foot. Deputies responded to and conducted a search of the area.  The family pointed out some personal property left at the scene by the suspect. 

This property included some forged identity documents for the suspect and the minor, duct tape, rubber gloves, 9mm ammunition, an empty gun case and a methamphetamine smoking pipe.   Deputies continued to patrol the area, and respond to possible sightings throughout the day.  One sighting involved deputies spotting the suspect in a field south of Plymouth.  Upon seeing the deputies, the suspect dropped some items he was carrying and he fled into the brush.  Patrol and surveillance of the area continued throughout the night.  Information was subsequently received by the Amador County Sheriff’s Office indicating the suspect was attempting to obtain transportation out of the area.  Additional follow up investigation is pending, at which time the case will be submitted to the Amador County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.