Wednesday, 15 August 2007 01:50

East Bay MUD Directors Give Park Camanche Residents OK To Stay

slide4The East Bay Municipal Utility District Board of Directors has agreed to remove consideration from their update of a new Mokelumne Watershed Master Plan that mobile home owners will be evicted. The utility’s Board of Directors met yesterday and heard the options for the updated watershed plan which originally contained the option of evicting the mobile home residents.
Many local residents headed to Oakland yesterday for the meeting that would decide the future of their homes and neighborhoods. According to Eastbay Directors part of the concern stemmed from the utility district’s contentions that many of the homes in the parks are in poor condition and are no longer mobile. Ultimately it was decided that the homes and the residents can stay because the parks are profitable for the district, reportedly to the tune of 400-600 thousand dollars per year and the homes are having little to no impact on the Lake’s water quality. The trade off however is that the parks now have some new restrictions on what improvements can be made to the homes.