Wednesday, 22 August 2007 01:50

Jackson Planning Commission Hears Status of New City Plan

slide4The Public Comment period on the adequacy of the Draft EIR for the City of Jackson’s Land Use, Circulation and Zoning Project was discussed by the Jackson Planning Commission this week.

A presentation was given by Beth Thompson from the city’s consultant to provide an overview of just where the Land Use, Circulation and Zoning Project is, in the California Environmental Quality Act environmental review process. Thompson also presented a summarization of the analysis and content of the Land Use, Circulation, and Zoning Draft EIR Document, and the next steps in the environmental review process. The Draft EIR was issued on July 20, 2007 and the Comment Period at which time the public comment period began . The end of the Draft EIR comment period is on September 4th, of this year. According to the EIR significant and unavoidable impacts associated with this project in accordance to the Programmatic Environmental Analysis include visual resources/light and glare, agricultural resources, air quality, noise, population/housing/employment, public services/utilities, etc. Three alternatives have been offered for consideration. One of those alternatives must be a No Project Alternative. Alternative 2 discusses a Land Use Buffer which would reduce impacts to aesthetics, agricultural resources, biological resources, cultural resources, and noise in comparison to the proposed project. Alternative 3 proposed Reduced Intensity, where the environmental impacts would be better overall. The Draft E-I-R is available at City Hall as well as online at

If you do have any comments remember the Comment Period closes on September 4th and comments may be submitted by e-mail, by fax, or written comments may be mailed to Susan Peters, City of Jackson, 33 Broadway, Jackson Ca, 95642