Tuesday, 03 October 2006 01:35

Amador Recreation Agency Moving In A Positive Direction

Tracy Towner YepTomorrow Tracey Towner Yep, Executive Director of the Amador County Recreation Agency will present to the Board of Supervisors her report on the “State of Recreation” here in the county. The Recreation Agency, one of the newest agencies here in the county, has grown rapidly in the past 20 months.

The BudgetThe budget, which is funded through a mix of member contributions collected at a rate of $3.50 cents per person from individual cities in the county, has grown in a positive direction. 20 months ago 100 percent of the budget was drawn from the local cities and the county; the most recent budget is now reflecting a change for the good with 39 percent of the budget now being raised from fundraisers and other outside sources, such as activities offered by the growing agency, for a total budget of $192,000 dollars. The agency has also grown from one fulltime employee to 1 fulltime and 5 part time employees in the last two years. According to Director Towner-Yep the growth in the agency is due to the support of the community. “The growth has been positive and painless” states Towner Yep. Also, Towner Yep will present the long awaited study on the Recreation Master plan for the community and the needs assessment for our area at Tuesday’s meeting.


The Most Recent Budget  Tracy Towner Yep