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Amador County Recreation Agency Reveals Plans For Camanche Village Trail System

Tracy Towner YepAt yesterday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting the Executive Director of the Amador County Recreation Agency, Tracy Towner Yep discussed the possibility of receiving grant funding from the Recreational Trails Program through the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation. The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is a local assistance program of the US Dept. of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration.

IRecreational Trails Programf the grant monies are received they will be used for the development of approximately 15 miles of existing trail easements in the Camanche Village area. The project evolved when, earlier this year, the Board of Supervisors discussed, per public request, whether or not to abandon trails in certain areas of Camanche Lake Village because the trails were being used for purposes other than for walking or equestrian uses. Most community members in the area acknowledged that they were not being used correctly, however they did not want to give up the easements for what could be a wonderful trail system in the county. Towner Yep was directed by the BOS to take the lead on the issue and a resolution regarding responsibility for the maintenance and further development of the trails was determined. The resolution was that the trails would be developed by the County and the ACRA would be responsible for maintaining them. The final plan called for some trails and easements to be abandoned while other trails were constructed. Because the final plan now includes the development of the trails in the area, funds could now be made available through the Recreation Trails Program, Towner Yep explained in a memo to the Board. She also pointed out that along with the trail development, a complete staging area with parking and restrooms, maintenance equipment, kiosks, and some paved trails to augment ADA compliance, are now possible. This mixed use plan will also require the hiring of part time staff to oversee the development, and then the maintenance, of the existing trails easements.

The Grant MoniesThe grant monies received from the Recreational Trails Program would provide the funding to implement the plan. The Board of Supervisors approved the resolution which in turns approves the application for the grant funds, as well as, approving yet another resolution authorizing the ACRA to proceed and administer those grant monies. Towner Yep commented, that in the future, ACRA will also be making a request for a grant that would provide funds for trails systems in the entire county. Towner Yep then made a presentation to the BOS regarding the “state of recreation” here in the county. She reported that the agency is working towards becoming self sufficient, and that they have become less dependant on contributions. Towner Yep also presented the services that the agency provides to the community, however she did point out that the list is merely a nut shell of what they do. Services included: assisting the City of Ione in implementing a Park and Recreation Commission; assisting Plymouth with operation of their pool; helping Amador City in administering a needs assessment survey which took place early this year; Involvment in Jackson’s proposed take over of the Oro de Amador Property; as well as offering various programs to the community such as Flag Football, Spanish classes, and after school supervision at the Jackson Library. She reported that ACRA is responsible for the oversight of 37 parks and more than 25 miles of trails in Amador County. Some of the Projects provided for under the state’s proposition 12 funding were then highlighted by Towner Yep. Fiddletown Park is now “sporting” a new playground structure, resurfaced tennis courts and an enhanced picnic area thanks to these funds.

The ResolutionShe reported that an ADA compliant walkway, backboard for the tennis courts, and a sprinkler system are all still awaiting completion. Pioneer Park also made the list as the park now has a new 8’ fence installed, a diamond backstop, new bleachers, picnic tables and a drinking fountain. A new playground structure, restrooms and gates are all expected to be completed by spring. Towner Yep also said that Bryson Drive Park now has a longer and wider volleyball court with a new net and deeper sand, which was all donated by Supervisor Louis Boitano. Also, she reported on some good news for the upcountry area as she informed the board that the Volcano Communications Group in Pine Grove has bought a piece of property located between Mt. Zion Rd and Tabeaud Rd. , in Pine Grove, for the development of a park. “It’s probably the nicest piece of property I have ever seen dedicated,” she said. Also, Towner Yep reported that the recreation master plan and nexus study are nearing completion. The Board of Supervisor’s commended Towner Yep on all her work and she responded with “I couldn’t do this with out all the volunteer help.”

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