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Thursday, 11 January 2007 02:29

New Face On The Amador Water Agency Board of Directors

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slide25Yesterday morning the Amador Water Agency held interviews for the replacement of now Supervisor Ted Novelli on the Amador Water Agency Board. The Board of Directors for the agency is patterned after the Board of Supervisors and thus each Director represents a supevisorial district. The opening on the board, created by Novelli’s election to the Board of Supervisors is for district 3 which encompasses much of the upcountry areas of the county. Applying for the position was a previous short term member Dave Thomas from Pine Grove.

slide26 Thomas served on the agency board for about 6 months after then Director Mike Johnson resigned early. The second application was from Joe Bonini, a resident of the Mace Meadows area. “The Board expressed that both candidates were extremely qualified,” said General Manager Jim Abercrombie. He went to say, “Joe Bonini has years of experience on the Mace Meadows water board and Dave Thomas years of service in public organizations and 6 mos. of experience on the AWA board, making both very, very qualified candidates.

However, to conduct business of an agency we needed to pick one of the two and the AWA board selected Dave Thomas to fill out Ted Novelli’s term and encouraged both candidates to re-run in 2 years when the office becomes open to let the people decide who should represent them, because of the high qualifications of both candidates.” Thomas will officially be sworn in tomorrow at 9am this morning at the Agency.

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