Monday, 09 October 2006 00:27

Saturday Debate

DebateEven with lopsided poll numbers favoring the incumbent Governor Saturday’s debate between Gov. Schwarzenegger and state Treasurer Phil Angelides was relatively calm. The candidates sparred over the direction of the state's economy and a collection of other issues facing California in the candidates' first and only debate in the race for governor. During the exchanges before a crowded California State University Sacramento's Capistrano Hall, the candidates traded very different philosophies over higher education fees, taxes and the state of California's middle class. Angelides said fees at the California State University and U.C. systems have risen by thousands of dollars under Schwarzenegger.
Recent PollsThe governor contends that college fees rose dramatically under his predecessor, former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, and that he has capped them this year. Schwarzenegger attacked Angelides as wanting to raise billions in taxes if he is elected. Angelides said his plan was to raise taxes on the wealthy and close corporate tax loopholes. He noted that Schwarzenegger has taken millions of dollars from the oil industry, pharmaceutical companies and other big businesses. Meanwhile, the governor also pointed out the difference between California's economic situation today and three years ago, when the state had a record budget deficit. Recent polls have given Schwarzenegger leads of 10 and 17 percentage points in the governor's race