Wednesday, 11 October 2006 00:37

Yesterday Morning Accident Leads To Arrest of One and Search For Another

CHP ReportThe CHP report on the crash that occurred yesterday morning around 5:30 has been released. At approximately 5:30am a three car accident was reported on Hwy 88 between the Hwy 124 Junction and Martin Lane. After arrival on scene, California Highway patrol Officers ascertained that the incident was really two separate accidents. The first accident was a solo vehicle into a bank. According to Investigating Officer Deborah Zaragoza’s report 26 year old Juan Sierra of Lodi was driving his 1995 green Ford on Hwy. 88 when due to his level of intoxication drove the vehicle to the right and off the roadway proceeding to drive up the southside embankment. The Ford’s right front wheel struck a rock hard enough to disable the vehicle and it reentered the lane and came to rest blocking the eastbound lane of 88 and thus creating a traffic hazard.

CHP ReportThe second accident was caused when a driver stopped in the eastbound lane due to the blockage caused by the first accident and was rear ended by another vehicle which in turn fled the scene. The road was closed briefly and then opened to one way traffic control while law enforcement and emergency personnel cleared the scene. The driver of the green Ford was arrested at the scene for suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence and according to the report he is an unlicensed driver so his identification is tentative and therefore not positive. The driver of the car that was rear ended was transported to Sutter Amador Hospital with complaints of back pain. The driver of the car that fled the scene, according to California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Craig Harmon, could be facing the most serious legal charges involved in this accident, felony hit and run. The CHP does have identification of the car through a reported plate number.


CHP Report