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Monday, 11 August 2008 02:26

Revenue And Impact Sharing In Amador County

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slide13.pngThe Amador Regional Planning Committee met Thursday evening to consider holding a public workshop in order to discuss “Revenue and Impact Sharing” in Amador County. This item had been discussed at previous Regional Planning Meetings, specifically regarding the search for a facilitator and funding for the workshop. Sean Rabe, Assistant City Manager of Sutter Creek, said that he had spoken to the Center for Collaborative Policy, a joint project between CSU Sacramento and the McGeorge School of Law, regarding the idea of a revenue and impact sharing policy. He stated that those at the center felt it was a “great project”, but were apprehensive to become involved in any sort of study or funding if a working policy was not a guaranteed result. Neighboring counties have also discussed the need for a policy regarding these issues but, according to those at the meeting, it had never been formally adopted or applied.
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