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Friday, 15 August 2008 02:01

Ione City Council Hears Recommendation From Planning Commission

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slide28.pngAt Tuesday’s Ione City Council meeting, the Ione Planning Commission presented a recommendation for an architectural review entitlement that would allow for the construction of an arcade roof over the sidewalk at 24 West Main Street in Ione. The project, which was requested by Patrick Hawkins, would encroach on the Caltrans right-of-way, so an encroachment permit is necessary. Because the property is located within the central business zoning district, the Architectural Heritage Zoning District, and the Historic Preservation Zoning District, an approval from both the Planning Commission and the City Council is required. In the original proposal, the roof was set to be comprised of cedar shake shingles, but after a review by the fire chief, it was recommended that a condition of approval be put on the application to use another material, as the cedar shake roofing is a fire hazard. Hawkins told the commission that he thinks “everything sounds good.”
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