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Friday, 29 February 2008 01:11

Pending School Budget Cuts Draw Crowd

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slide12.pngWednesday night’s Amador County Unified School District Board Meeting was filled to capacity with students and parents pleading to the board to save the high school music programs and preserve the job of their music educator, Chris Tootle. Tootle, the most junior music teacher, would fall prey to staff cut-backs if the current version of the proposed budget is approved. Tootle was praised with such comments as “the heart and soul of the music program”. Those commenting listed the music departments many accomplishments, which included expansion from a 15 piece band to 30 plus members.

Tootle was credited with reviving 3 booster clubs, winning several music awards and earning more than 65,000 dollars in donations and grants for the music program. 16,000 dollars was to be spent on uniforms. But with the proposed cut of 60 percent of the music program, the purchase of uniforms is unlikely. Tootle did speak at the end of the comment period and reminded the Board and audience that “I appreciate all of the wonderful support, but tonight is not about me - it is about them.  I just wave a stick. My priority as a music educator is…the students”. The School Board, the Budget Advisory committee and staff have the unfortunate task of making what was referred to as “painful and bloody” cuts to the school budget. If the district doesn’t make them, the state will take over and decide where the cuts will lie. The Board unanimously agreed that any budget decisions should be tabled until they hear further recommendations and rational from the Advisory committee.

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