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Friday, 21 December 2007 01:42

New Rules For The Road in 2008

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The New Year will usher in new rules for the road designed to help eliminate distractions and reinforce safety. One new law makes it illegal to operate an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (such as Segways) at an unsafe speed for conditions, in a reckless manner or at a speed that endangers the safety of others. Not that many of us would actually be driving one of these……..but on a more serious note – Put down that cell phone while you’re driving! A new law makes it illegal to use cell phones while driving unless the phone allows hands-free listening and talking operations. A hands free headset may make an ideal gift this Christmas. Anyone under 18 will not be allowed to use any wireless phone or other mobile devices while operating a vehicle – headset or not.

CHP Commissioner Mike Brown was quoted as saying, “New, inexperienced drivers don’t need any distractions while behind the wheel. The results can be deadly.” There is an exemption for emergency purposes. Both cell phone laws go into effect July 1st. Other new laws that go into force as of January 1st include a controversial law prohibiting smoking in a vehicle when a minor is present, whether the vehicle is moving or stopped. This is a secondary violation that is only enforced if you are stopped for some other violation.

Also effective January 1st is a law prohibiting spray coating of license plates with products intended to impair the reading of the plate by electronic devices such as red-light cameras, toll booth cameras and license plate reader. And, If you display false or fraudulent registration or license plates, peace officers can have your vehicle towed. The current policy is to cite and only tow if the registration is more than six months out of date. And finally, if you or your children are bicyclists, be sure to use lights or reflectors while operating bikes upon highways, sidewalks or bikeways. It’s not just a good idea, now it’s the law.

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