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Wednesday, 07 May 2008 02:06

The Long Road to Modernization

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slide13.pngIn a round-table meeting, some key details were worked out regarding a sales tax initiative set for the November Ballot that would designate funding for the partial consolidation and modernization of Amador County’s fire fighting forces. Several top public officials joined the Amador Fire Protection Authority last Thursday to ask questions and debate with members of the AFPA board, who were discussing the draft county ordinance and relative ballot language for the funding proposal. At the start of the meeting, Supervisor Richard Forester put forth his concern that the County’s long adhered-to goal of a consolidated fire department had been abandoned,Amador County, but the first priority of the AFPA is to provide 24-hour paid fire personnel at each of the county’s fire stations, which will, for the time being, remain under various authorities.

“Right now, what we need is paid firefighters in Amador County. In the overall picture, these departments will merge as they get stronger. This is the first step,“ said Sutter Creek Fire Chief Butch Martin.Jackson, and the Amador Fire Protection District were also working on a Joint Powers Authority Agreement. The next step will be to take the draft ordinance back to the cities for review, and any comments or proposed changes are to be submitted to County Administrative Officer Terri Daly by May 29th. By June 10th, the ordinance should be ready to be submitted to the Supervisors, who have to approve it before it goes on the November Ballot. “I am excited about this proposal. I can see how it would benefit the whole county,” said Commissioner Lee Ard of Ione, at the close of the meeting.  which he felt would jeopardize voter support of the ballot initiative. AFPA members responded that consolidation is still a long term goal for Members of the board went on to indicate that the Ione and Jackson Valley Fire Departments were in the process of finalizing an agreement to merge, and Sutter Creek,

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