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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 02:02

Travel Trailer Accident On Highway 88

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slide14.pngA travel trailer accident on Sunday blocked up traffic for over an hour on Highway 88. The dramatic scene was captured on film by TSPN’s contributing photographer Bill Lavallie. Late Sunday morning, an SUV hauling a travel trailer West bound on Highway 88 began to “fishtail” and the trailer tipped on its side. According to witness reports at the scene, the driver of the truck seemed to be regaining control of the trailer until he hit the rail road tracks, which caused the trailer to fishtail further and tip. Fortunately, there were no vehicles coming in the opposite direction and the SUV remained upright. There were no injuries in this accident, however, the accident resulted in a huge traffic jam in both directions due to the Sunday commute. It took over an hour to clear the roadway.
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