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Wednesday, 16 January 2008 00:09

E-Mail Scams Using FBI Logo

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The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center is issuing an alert that they have received an increasing number of reports of fraudulent schemes misrepresenting the FBI in e-mail messages – usually related to lottery endorsements and inheritance notifications. The fraudulent e-mails use pictures of the FBI Director, FBI seal, letterhead, and/or banners, making them look legitimate. Other scams representing the FBI claim to be from the FBI’s domestic as well as overseas offices. The schemes cover a range from threat and extortion e-mails, Web site monitoring containing malicious computer program attachments, and online auction scams. Using the FBI's name can be effective in intimidating and convincing the recipient the e-mail is legitimate. The FBI wants you to know that the agency does not send out emails soliciting information from citizens. Please be cautious of any unsolicited e-mail referencing the FBI, FBI Director, or any other FBI official endorsing any type of Internet activity. If you have experienced this situation, please notify theInternet Crime Complaint Center by filing a complaint at

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