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Tuesday, 06 May 2008 09:00

Firefighters Start Fire of Their Own

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slide16.pngAs part of their regularly scheduled training, fire fighters last week burned down two houses and a barn in Jackson. Although the activities could be seen as contradictory, the drill gives the firefighters valuable training skills for dealing with live fires. The purpose of the drill went far beyond just extinguishing the flames. Firefighters had to strategically position themselves between the burning structures and surrounding residences, and were careful no to let the blaze escape to dry cattle land nearby.

The burnings were supervised by the Jackson Fire Department. Training extended to member of the Jackson, Sutter Creek, Ione, and Lockwood Districts, as well as Cal Fire’s District 10. According to the Ione Fire Department, the structures were donated by a man who had trouble renting them and wanted to use the property for other purposes. The owner felt that donating the deteriorating structures would be in both parties best interest. Because there were no worries about sparing the structures and emphasis was on observing the evolution of a burn, fires were purposely lit to affect the structures in a particular way. Jackson Fire Chief Mark Morton considers training a top priority. Training with live fire is  a vital component of the all-volunteer fire departments already rigorous training schedule.

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