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Monday, 28 April 2008 03:46

New Sex Offender Notification Service

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slide25.pngThe Amador County Sheriff has released a new sex offender notification service that is now available on the Sheriff’s website. The new service, called OffenderWatch, is an Internet based, searchable database containing information about Amador County’s registered sex offenders that state law allows to be released to the public. OffenderWatch, unlike the Megan’s Law database, contains a new community notification component intended to enhance the safety of local citizens.

By going to, and signing up for the sexual offender email alert, Amador County citizen’s will receive a return e-mail from the Sheriff’s office, notifying them of all publicly discloseable registered sex offenders living within a one mile radius of each address they choose to register. In addition, there will be automatic follow up emails notifying them when a sex offender registers at a location within a one mile radius of a designated address. This email notification system also contains a link to a map showing where each registered sex offender resides along with additional discloseable information such as a photograph and physical description.

When law enforcement discovers a change in a sex registrant’s status, such as when they move in or out of Amador County, thatslide26.png information will also be transmitted to residents. In addition to the county area information, Police Chief Mike Johnson of Ione, Chief Scott Morrison of Jackson, and Chief Rob Duke of Sutter Creek are pooling their registrant information, which will also be available. Through this partnership, every existing and newly registered sex offender will be entered into the OffenderWatch notification system regardless of whether they are registered in a city or county jurisdiction. “This new system does not mean that as parents you can lower your guard when it comes to your family’s personal safety. You must still teach them how to be safe in the event they are approached by strangers,” said Sheriff Martin Ryan.

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