Thursday, 26 April 2007 01:30

New York Ranch Road Fire Confirmed To Be An Arson

fireJackson’s Fire Chief Mark Morton announced this week that with great cooperation with the Police Department an arsonist has been moved out of town. According to Morton a couple weeks ago crews responded to a fire at 300 New York Ranch Rd.  The fire only grew to a 50 by 20 foot area thanks to the fast response by local fire volunteers. After extinguishing the blaze local authorities began investigating how it may have begun. Discussions with local witnesses revealed that a male juvenile was present when the fire began and may have further information.

Through the course of the investigation it was discovered that the juvenile had started the fire. “…it was deemed that he did indeed start the fire and had a history of doing this,” said Morton. The incident was reported to the CalFire Battalion Chief who in turn took the issue to the state. Because the juvenile was in foster care said Morton the state was able to transfer him outside of the area. Morton also reported good news for the Department with the approval of 3 thermal imaging cameras that will be funded through the Indian Gaming Funds.

The department had asked for 4, but nevertheless Morton said the cameras will be very helpful in aiding fire fighters as they are able to detect heat in a dark or smoke filled room. Through the Indian Gaming Fund the Jackson Police Department was awarded funding to begin a police motorcycle program. Chief of Police Scott Morrison reported that the department already has a dual sport unit which can go on or off road as well as a main road unit. He said the dual sport unit is perfect for reaching areas that a vehicle is not always able to navigate; for example, the City’s the new Oro de Amador property. Morrison reported that they are working on filling the two positions that will be necessary with the addition of the program. Also with the awarded funds the police department’s computer system will be getting some badly needed upgrades.