Friday, 08 June 2007 01:56

El Dorado County Officials Speak About Planned Attack On Deputies

slide26A man killed in a shootout with El Dorado County sheriff's deputies in Shingle Springs on Tuesday was engaged in a "homicidal rage" and tried to lure officers into a confrontation in a thicket that contained foxholes and a cache of ammunition, Sheriff Jeff Neves said Wednesday. The man, identified as 35 years old Eddy Mies, is believed to have killed his father during a domestic dispute before taking on deputies who were called to rural property located just off South Shingle Springs Road.

Neves said three deputies injured in the resulting gun battle were doing well and were undergoing treatment at Sutter Roseville Medical Center. A police dog was also shot, but was treated and released Tuesday from a veterinary hospital. The injured Deputies, Jon Yaws, Greg Murphy and Melissa Meekma are all doing well with Meekma expected to undergo surgery Wednesday. Neves said she was hit by a round that went through a seam of her bulletproof vest. He also said Yaws was hit by two or three rounds and was injured in the chest and arm. Murphy was hit in the leg. The injured deputies were all wearing bulletproof vests according to Sheriff Neves. Donder was not wearing a vest at the time of the shooting. While a vest was available, Neves said there was no time to put the vest on the dog prior to the armed confrontation.

slide30 Deputies were called to the property shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday to the area after receiving a report of gunfire. A man later identified as Arthur Mies, 72, was found shot and lying in a driveway. Authorities said the man's son is suspected of the killing. The shooter then "tried to bait the officers" into a thicket about 40 yards from the home where the elder Mies was found dead. The thicket was full of fox holes and trails, Neves said. Officers later found stockpiles of ammunition and a change of clothing. As officers approached, the man opened fire and a gunfight erupted. Neves said at least 100 rounds were exchanged. Neves said a California Highway Patrol officer flying over the area was able to flush the man out, making him vulnerable to gunshots fired by deputies. A shot fired by a deputy appears to have contributed to the man's death. Neves added that the three injured deputies suffered from gunshots fired by the man, who was armed with a shotgun and other weapons. He said they were not injured by friendly fire.