Friday, 08 June 2007 02:12

Ione City Council Looks At ACRA Poll Agreement and Discusses Budget Process- Portlock and City Agree

slide18The Ione City Council discussed management of their pool located at Ione Jr High School. The City has an agreement with the Amador County Recreation Agency for the management and maintenance of the pool. ACRA Executive Director Tracey Towner-Yep said she is looking forward to working with the city of Ione and then discussed how ACRA will be compensated. She said the idea is that the City will be billed for the actual time spent and not estimates.

Council Member Lee Ard stated the council is looking at 3 months of paying out of pocket for a total of about 29,000 dollars. Towner-Yep explained that the pool, although a City commodity will be solely ACRA’s responsibility as far as  personnel and their management, and the City will not have to do anything, except pay the bill to ACRA and maintenance of course.  She went on to say 2 lifeguards and 1 pool supervisor, who are ACRA employees, will be on duty at the pool 7 days a week. The tentative schedule for pool, which opens for lessons June 18th, has been developed by ACRA as they will be handling all things related to the pool. Gate receipts will be kept, and daily accounting will be done, including a daily count of the number of people at the pool. A motion was made to approve the MOU allowing ACRA management over the Ione City Pool on a vote of 4-0 with Jeff Barnhardt absent.

slide23 Interim City Administrator George Lambert then presented a hand out of the draft budget report to the council. Council member Lee Ard had concerns regarding the item and voiced that the council was not involved in the budget development process and were not given the ability to give information and ideas concerning the budget. Council Member Andrea Bonham Ridogna agreed and requested in the future that workshops take place involving the council to discuss building the budget as well as to educate the council on matters concerning the budget. Lambert stated he would look into the request and would return next meeting with a plan to do so. Also regarding the special meeting held yesterday between Portlock, the City, ARSA and MCSP all parties agreed to a 30 day extension for the city to work out concerns with the Portlock agreement. Another meeting will be held on Monday at 4pm between and Portlock and the City to address concerns regarding the agreement.