Monday, 11 June 2007 02:00

Vandalism Locks Up Argonaut High School

slide10A school prank at Argonaut High school may end up costing the School District thousands of dollars. On Friday morning Argonaut High School staff discovered that many of the schools locks were glued shut. According to the school resource officer, “At this point we have no real suspects and it is an ongoing investigation.” Apparently there have been set backs in the investigation because most of the investigative leads are coming from high school students and now that school is out for summer students will be more difficult to contact.
However, he adds that they have been very successful in identifying vandals in the past and he believes that will be the case with this incident as well. Could this be a school rivalry prank you may ask? The School Resource officer puts those suggestions to rest as he said the last several years all the school pranks “have been in house” so to speak. “My inkling at this point is that it was done by an Argonaut student,” said the Officer. He did add however, that if anyone at either school has any information regarding the vandalism to please call the Sutter Creek Police Department at 267-5646 and ask for the School Resource Officer.