Tuesday, 12 June 2007 04:19

Local Business Managers Charged With fraud and Embezzlement

slide10District Attorney Todd Riebe has filed charges against the managers of a local Inn for crimes including embezzlement and grand theft. According to the complaint the managers of the Kennedy Mine Inn located on Jackson Gate Road, fraudulently appropriated over $400 worth of property which was in their care. The District Attorney’s office is charging 57 year old Steven Randy Asman and 43 year old Dolores Louise Goodman with Embezzlement by Public or Private Officer, which is a felony.

slide11 The second felony count filed against the duo is Grand Theft of Personal Property. The complaint states that on April 14th, 2007 and May 3, 2007 both Asman and Goodman unlawfully took money and personal property such as furniture, tools, and other household items of value exceeding $400 from the victim, the owner of the Kennedy Mine Inn. Another count of Receiving Stolen Property stems from incidents that occurred on May 2, and June 2, 2007 when Asman and Goodman unlawfully bought, received or aided in concealing, selling and or withholding property such as furniture, DVD’s, and other household items which had been stolen and obtained by extortion with the knowledge that the property had been stolen from the Kennedy Mine Inn.

slide12 Also added in the complaint is a special allegation against Asman as he has a prior conviction of armed robbery in Porter County Indiana. Deputy District Attorney Melinda Aiello said, “It means he is subject to the strike punishment, meaning that his punishment could be doubled because he has a previous strike.” Asman remains in custody while Goodman was released yesterday.