Tuesday, 17 October 2006 02:00

Jackson Planning Commission

Jackson Planning CommissionThe Jackson Planning Commission meeting began with discussion surrounding a variance for a parcel located at 135 Center St. The applicant Ethel Smallfield requested a variance to allow construction of a new single-family residential detached garage to encroach 5 feet into the required five foot side yard setback and ten feet rear yard setback. Currently there is a temporary structure erected essentially in the proposed located. Apparently, Ms. Smallfield applied for the variance because her lot is irregularly shaped and has a Center Street address despite the fact that he house fronts West Lane. According to the Staff report there are other structures along West Lane that are either on or within a few feet of the rear property line. The Commission decided last night to grant the request. The Commission then considered draft development code policies pertaining to lighting regulations.

Draft Lighting RegulationsSeptember 18 City staff provided the Commission with proposed lighting regulation to be incorporated in to the Draft Development Code. The Planning Commission suggested changes related to the regulations application to seasonal lighting, public lighting, and ornamental lighting. Also some discrepancy over the maximum pole height for commercial parking lost arose and the Commission directed staff to provide additional information. The commission decided to defer this item to a future meeting so that staff will have more opportunity to gather information on the issue.