Tuesday, 17 October 2006 02:02

Accidents Continue To Keep Law Enforcement and Local Emergency Services Hopping

Weekend accidents were fairly low this past weekend and did not include any accidents nearly as serious as we saw last weekend. How ever accident trends in the county are still up over years past. An accident occurred on Thursday at 3:50pm at Raven Road south of Hwy 88. According to the report, written by investigating Officer Brian Hagemann, 56 year old Gary Baker of Pioneer was driving his 2006 Ford south bound on Raven road when he entered a curve in the roadway and was unable to maintain the vehicle on the right half of the roadway. In turn the vehicle ran off the east roadway edge and the front of the Ford struck a tree. Baker escaped the accident with only minor injuries.

On Friday an early morning accident occurred on Hwy. 104 just east of Dutschke Road. At 6:30am John Hall of West Point was west bound on Hwy. 104 when a deer ran from the roadway edge directly in front of his path. Officer Jeremy Dobler’s report indicates that Hall swerved to the right to try to avoid the deer, however the front of his 1986 Ford ultimately collided with the deer and then proceeded to overturn. Hall received only minor injuries from the accident. Hours later Dobler responded to yet another accident on Shenandoah Road. 18 year old Reid Bendex of Mt. Aukum was driving his 1969 Datsun west bound at a high rate of speed according to the CHP report. Due to his excessive speed through the corner the vehicle lost traction and slid off the road, collided into a fence and then overturned into several grape vines. Bendex was apparently uninjured in the accident. On Saturday at 11:40 am Officer Dobler responded to the scene of accident on Hwy. 124. Dale Thomas, 72 and of Placerville was stopped at a red light for the construction zone on Hwy. 124. Florin Beres, 37 and of Danville failed to stop in time to avoid impact to the rear of Thomas’ vehicle. Both drivers were uninjured in the accident. Later that day at 12:15pm an accident occurred on Tabeaud Road in Pine Grove. Maruva Hermosillo, 40 and of Ensenada Mexico was traveling south bound on Tabeaud Rd. at 40 miles per hour, 5 mph over the stated speed of 35. As she approached a curve to her right, for an unknown reason she allowed her vehicle to veer off the west side of the road. The vehicle entered a gravel shoulder and Hermosillo lost control of her 2002 Plymouth Voyager. The vehicle continued straight as the road curved right and crossed Hwy. 88 and collided with an embankment on the east side of the Highway. According to the report Hermosillo was uninjured in the accident.

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