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Wednesday, 27 June 2007 01:51

New Planning Commissioner For Jackson

On Monday night the AWA Council’s appointments to the Jackson Planning Commission were made. On June 30th the seats Warren Carlton, David Butow and Wayne Garibaldi all expire. While Garibaldi and Butow reapplied Carlton chose not to. The City advertised for interested persons and received applications from: Walter Hoeser, Steve McLean, and Katy Pridy. Also an application from Keith Sweet was received after the June 20th deadline. 
slide23Yesterday the Angora Fire in the Lake Tahoe area jumped its fire line near Tallac Village. Residents were ordered to evacuate. According to a US Forest Spokesman the fire line breach was caused by embers that caused a crown fire in a tree which then spread rapidly. 
slide19The CHP reports that Amador County roadways saw a rash of motorcycle accidents Monday with two out of three accidents reported involving motorcycles. This rash of accidents came after an unusually quiet weekend. The first accident was reported around 6:10 am on Sugar Pine Drive after Thomas Evans of Pioneer swerved to avoid a deer that was in the roadway.
slide4A vehicle versus house accident sent emergency personnel to an address on Niles Rd in the KC Ranchette subdivision. According to emergency personnel on scene a small fuel leak, a constantly honking horn and minor injuries were the result of the vehicle versus garage accident that occurred around 5pm last night. Apparently the driver thought the car was in reverse when exiting the garage and instead lurched through an exterior wall of the garage.
slide9This afternoon, around 1 pm, a traffic collision involving a single car was reported in the parking lot at 1029 North Main Street, Jackson. According to responding Officer Chris Rice, the accident, involving a 17 year old female driver, was the result of driver inexperience. The driver lost control in the parking lot and hit several parked cars. Her two passengers, a 29 year old female and a 23 year old male were both transported to Sutter Amador with complaints of neck and back pain.
Friday, 15 June 2007 01:47

Burn Permit Suspension Announced

slide10 The Amador-El Dorado Unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has suspended all burning permits within State Responsibility Areas of Amador – El Dorado counties as of 8 am this comingg Monday June 18th 2007. Campfires will be allowed in designated campgrounds with permission of the jurisdictional authority.  Anyone with questions about this declaration may contact their nearest CAL FIRE facility. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Amador/El Dorado Unit would like to remind you the sale or discharge of all fireworks including Safe and Sane are prohibited in all portions of El Dorado County and in most areas of Amador County.
slide12Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting went until almost 3pm with the discussion focusing on one main topic- the Friends of Kirkwood and Foothill Conservancy’s appeal of the Planning Commissions approval of the Martin Point Tentative Subdivision Map located at Kirkwood. The Board of Supervisors was considering whether or not to uphold the Planning Commission’s decision. Before a project description was given Chairman Louis Boitano and Supervisors Ted Novelli, Richard Forster and Brian Oneto disclosed that they each individually met with either or both the Foothill Conservancy or Friends of Kirkwood representatives prior to the meeting.
slide6The Amador County Recreation Agency began their meeting with a discussion of vandalism to the lights at Pioneer Park. According to Executive Director Tracey Towner Yep, the lenses of the lights were shot out. Towner Yep had already taken the initiative and authorized an emergency expenditure to hired Upchurch Electric to fix the lights.
slide25It may seem like a trivial thing, but those "free" plastic bags we get at the grocers, department stores and restaurants are actually contributing to a world wide pandemic of plastics waste. Only 1-4% of the 19 billion plastic grocery and merchandise bags used annually in the State of California are recycled. That means that nearly 600 bags per second are discarded in California—destined either for the landfill or our marine environment. On July 1, 2007 California will become America's first state to initiate a mandatory recycling program to cut down on its mounds of plastic bags.
Amador County dodged another bullet last night when fire crews quickly extinguished an escaped control burn near Charleston Rd. and Ponderosa in Volcano. The fire, according to Calfire’s Camino dispatch burned about one acre and was contained by fire crews from Amador Fire Protection District Battalion 10 and CalFire Crews. Crews stayed on scene most of the night mopping up.