Wednesday, 27 June 2007 01:51

New Planning Commissioner For Jackson

On Monday night the AWA Council’s appointments to the Jackson Planning Commission were made. On June 30th the seats Warren Carlton, David Butow and Wayne Garibaldi all expire. While Garibaldi and Butow reapplied Carlton chose not to. The City advertised for interested persons and received applications from: Walter Hoeser, Steve McLean, and Katy Pridy. Also an application from Keith Sweet was received after the June 20th deadline. 
In a special meeting that began at 6pm the council interviewed the candidates. Citizen Jack Georgette during public comment said while appreciated that candidates interest in getting involved in City Government he felt that it was prudent to have commissioners that have background on the issues be re-appointed, but that still leaves one open seat. He said, if it was his decision he would prefer Walter Hoeser as he has attended many of the meetings while the others have not attended as faithfully if at all, showing that Hoeser is indeed interested in the position. Most of the council seemed to be in agreement that was an important factor since there is will be a lot of catching up for a new commissioner. Connie Gonsalves said that she did not feel it was necessary though as there are other ways for them to learn about issues without attending the meetings. The council decided to re-appoint Garibaldi and Butow and appointed for the first time Walter Hoeser. The vote passed 3-1 with Escamilla absent and Gonsavles voting nay. She instead voted for Katy Pridy as she has worked with her the past and found her to be a great candidate for the job. The commission with the new addition Hoeser will meet in July.