Wednesday, 11 July 2007 02:02

Tuesday Afternoon Collisions

slide34Around 10:35am yesterday morning the intersection of Main Street and Hwy. 49 became a slippery scene when a big rig began to leak fluid. According to the Jackson Police Officer on scene, Chris Rice, a towing big rig traveling through the intersection had apparently punctured their oil pan causing a spill. The City of Jackson immediately informed Cal Trans and Jackson public works responded closing the southbound number one lane.  But before public works arrival a semi reportedly entering the intersection drove through the spill and was unable to stop sliding through the intersection. It was also another near miss when this geo metro almost impacted the rear of a Buick stopped in the turn lane at the intersection. Caltrans arrived a short time later and began shoveling sand onto the intersection to prevent any accidents

slide37 Yesterday one young driver was shaken up when she lost control of her vehicle on Ridge Road and wound up upside down in the ditch about 20 feet below the road. The young lady was checked by local medics for injuries and was then transported to CHP to wait for someone to pick her up. A second accident occurred today in front of the shopping center that houses the Pine Grove Post Office. According to reports one driver pulled out of the parking lot striking another car traveling east bound on Hwy. 88. The CHP is conducting an investigation of both accidents.